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Frosted Ivy Arrangement in a Clay Pot


48 in stock


15H x 16W x 16D (in)



Green, Seafoam



4.5 lbs


Frosted Ivy Arrangement in a Clay Pot
This stunning faux ivy arrangement will bring the beauty of lush greenery into your home with no-fuss and minimal effort. The Frosted Ivy Arrangement in a Clay Pot is perfect for any space, no matter how small or large. The clay pot is beautifully designed with a light, natural color that complements any style. The artificial ivy is expertly arranged to appear full and fresh all year long, adding just the right amount of nature indoors without the hassle of having to water it and keep it alive. Place this decorative piece somewhere special like an entry way or above a bed for added life in any room! Gifted to a friend or loved one, this Faux Ivy Arrangement can be treasured for years as part of any décor.