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Heather, Wheat and Birch


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Glass Vase, Green Heather, Orange Heather, Wheat Grass Brown, Magnolia Leaves, Birch Poles


20H x 20W x 20D (in)



Green, Orange, Brown, Beige



7.6 lbs


Gorgeous and Colorful Heather, Wheat and Birch in a Glass Vase


Welcome in the beauty of autumn with this gorgeous fall heather and wheat arrangement! Handcrafted from magnolia leaves, green and orange heather, wheat and birch logs, this beautiful bouquet will bring nature into your home or office with no watering or maintenance required. Give yourself a break from your usual busy day-to-day life with this truly eye-catching arrangement–– perfect for warm autumn evenings spent by the fire. The unique blend of greens, oranges, yellows and natural twigs provide an earthy feel that will instantly uplift any decor arrangement. This special arrangement is sure to breathe life into any space while delighting you with its beautiful presence throughout the season’s changing foliage.

List of Components

Heather, Wheat Grass, Magnolia Leaves, Birch Poles


  • Occasions: Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration, Mother’s Day, Birthday
  • Season: Fall, Winter
  • Arrives just as you see it, ready to breath life into your home or office!
  • No arranging or watering ever needed.
  • Perfect for a table top, mantle, end table, nightstand, office, or accent any top..
  • Artificial faux
  • Top quality products handmade in America.