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Hydrangea in Clear Glass Vase


50 in stock

Tall Clear Glass Vase, White Hydrangea w/ Bud, Water


22H x 12W x 12D (in)



White, Green



3 lbs


Introducing our stunning spring hydrangea arrangement – perfect for bringing everlasting beauty into your home or office space. This handcrafted masterpiece features gorgeous white hydrangea florals with budding stems that have been thoughtfully arranged inside a tall glass vase with realistic looking water. Bringing the outdoors inside your home has never been easier – with no need for any maintenance or watering required, this impressive design will be sure to become an instant showstopper for your feature areas. Its contemporary and simple style is perfect for improving your ambience in any décor. Additionally, its rich natural hues are both comforting and inviting, making it breath life into any room while adding classic charm.


  • Occasions:Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration, Mother’s Day, Birthday
  • Season: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  • Arrives just as you see it, ready to breath life into your home or office!
  • No arranging or watering ever needed.
  • Perfect for a table top, mantle, end table, nightstand, office, or accent any top.
  • Artificial faux
  • Top quality products handmade in America.