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Orchid Arrangement in Vase


50 in stock

Glass Vase, Pink Orchid, Water, Vine


16H x 12W x 6D (in)






4 lbs


Exotic Pink Orchid and Vine Floral in a Glass Vase with Realistic Water. Will look beautiful anywhere in your home or office.
Introducing a handcrafted piece of beauty that is sure to bring spring indoors all year round! Our amazing orchid arrangement will instantly transform your home or office; with its lush pink blooms, full of vibrant color, it’s the perfect addition to any décor. Crafted with care in a clear glass vase and surrounded by vines, our orchids look so realistic they may just come alive! And adding the finishing touch is a generous helping of lifelike water in the reservoir below. No more worrying about watering and maintenance when you own one of these stunning arrangements! Experience the breathtaking beauty of orchids without any fuss – simply place this elegant bouquet wherever you want to inject some style and life into your room. Perfect as a gift for yourself or somebody special, this modern and simple design will bring joy wherever it goes.


  • Occasions:Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration, Mother’s Day, Birthday
  • Season: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  • Arrives just as you see it, ready to breath life into your home or office!
  • No arranging or watering ever needed.
  • Perfect for a table top, mantle, end table, nightstand, office, or accent any top.
  • Artificial faux
  • Top quality products handmade in America.