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Pampas in a Glass Vase


50 in stock

Beige, Silver


11H x 11W x 11D in


2.4 lbs


Are you looking to bring a touch of nature indoors? Look no further than this beautiful pampas grass arrangement! Handcrafted with delicate beige stalks arranged perfectly in a unique silver glass vase, this centerpiece is sure to give your home or office an inviting and refreshing look. Plus, it requires no watering or maintenance — perfect for busy folks who want to bring the outdoors inside without any work. It even complements any décor! Keep your home looking stylish and spruce up your place with this gorgeous pampas grass arrangement.

  1. Occasions: Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration, Mother’s Day, Birthday
  2. Season: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  3. Arrives just as you see it, ready to breath life into your home or office!
  4. No arranging or watering ever needed.
  5. Perfect for a table top, mantle, end table, nightstand, office, or accent any top.
  6. Artificial faux
  7. Top quality products handmade in America.