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Red Ivy Arrangement in Ceramic Vase


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17H x 18W x 16D (in)



Red, Green, White



3 lbs


Ivy Arrangement in Ceramic Vase
Bring the feeling of a secret garden to your space with this striking faux ivy arrangement in a ceramic vase. This magnificent piece features red Ivy cascading from an elegant vase to create a stunning statement for any room. Boasting vibrant tones and lifelike texture, this vase will add depth and warmth to your interior and is sure to be admired by all who see it. Beautifully crafted with premium quality materials, this delightful faux ivy arrangement is the ideal way to bring lush greenery into your home – without any of the maintenance! The sturdy ceramics ensures it promises beauty lasting as long as you need it. Delight in its lush charm every day with this luxurious yet effortless display piece.